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Download Flyer & Fact Sheet - 2010

DURHAM/YORK INCINERATOR - Covanta - Covanta Contract - redacted copy of the "Project Agreement by and between The Regional Municipality of Durham and The Regional Municipality of York, as Owner, and Covanta Durham York Renewable Energy Ltd., as DBO CO Contractor". (376 pages)

Durham/York Submittal Letter - March 3, 2011  (2 pages)
Waste C of A Application 
 (253 pages, 33 MB)
Air and Noise C of A Application
 (371 pages, 32.5 MB)
Stormwater C of A Application
 (157 pages, 23.5 MB)

DURHAM/YORK INCINERATOR - Clarington - Host Community Agreement (HCA) 13 pages - Signed February 19, 2009, between Durham Region and the Municipality of Clarington, making Clarington a "willing host" due to the compliance of 4 Councillors but strongly opposed by 3 Councillors and the general public.
Also see
"Threatening letter from Durham Region" in response to Clarington Resolution
attempting to amend the HCA and attempting to find out the legality of certain portions of that document.


General EA information

Environmental Bill of Rights


  • Sept 28 - Letter To Party Leaders - Waste & Incineration - from the Ontario Zero Waste Coalition to all four party leaders to raise the issue of waste management and incineration. This is the time to raise the issue locally with your own candidates.

  • Sept 15 - Letter to Ministers of Health and Environment - From DEW-ZW4ZB-and-DurhamCLEAR - The problems with the Durham incinerator project remain despite government agency approvals. Now, there are new problems coming to light, over and above previous concerns that were never acknowledged and addressed by Durham Region and the Province.
    This letter sets out the concerns with the current approvals, and the actions (or lack of action) by Durham Region. It is a good summary of the history and wider picture of the incinerator issue.
    This letter also reminds the Minister of Health that she has a responsibility to examine the health impacts of projects like the incinerator.

  • April 27 - Presentation to John Vidan - Presentation to Ontario Ministry of the Environment waste policy planners by Ontario Zero Waste Coalition. It gives proposals to embark on the road to Zero Waste and end incineration in Ontario.

  • June 5 - DEW EBR Registry comments on Incinerator (C of A comments)

  • June 1 - Barry Bracken comments to EBR Registry (C of A comments)

  • May 2011 - Bowmanville Area Medical Association & NPAO registered concerns with EBR Registry - (C of A comments)

       DURHAM/YORK INCINERATOR - Durham Region & Clarington

  • 2012-WR-3  The 2011 Waste Management Services Annual Report   (Works Committee) - May 23, 2012

  • 2012-J-19 Durham/York Energy from Waste Facility Construction Update Report (Joint Committee)- May 24, 2012

  • Report No.: 2011-MOH-24 - EFW Human Health Risk Assessment and PM2.5 Emissions - July 26, 2011

  • Durham-York Energy From Waste Project Clarington Comments On Certificate Of Approval Application (Air)    PSD-052-11  and  Preliminary Report of the Peer Review by SENES Consultants - May 30, 2011

  • Regional Council March 31/10 meeting:

*** Notice of Motion - March 31 - to require that prior to execution of a final draft agreement with Covanta re building and operation of the proposed Incinerator, the draft agreement be brought back to the appropriate committees and Regional Council to confirm that the agreement conforms to all directions given by Regional Council.  See Notice of Motion #2

UPDATE: Chair Anderson ruled the Motion "Out of Order", and would not allow a vote. Those Councillors who supported his Out of Order Ruling, and not wanting to enable Council to review a final draft agreement with Covanta on the incinerator contract before it is signed by Mr. Anderson:
Mayor Pearce, Mayor Perkins, Mayor Ryan, Mayor Shepherd, Mayor O'Connor, Mayor Abernethy, Councillor Trim, Councillor Novak, Councillor Crawford, Councillor Drumm, Councillor Grant, Councillor Herrema, Councillor Johnson, Councillor Kolodzie, Councillor McLean, Councillor McMillen

Therefore, as it now stands, the final decision on whether or not the contract satisfies all the promises and assurances made by members of Council about the EFW facility will be left up to unelected, unaccountable officials to decide, not our elected councillors who are accountable to the people.

Send comments to Project Team:  info@durhamyorkwaste.ca
and to
Gavin Battarino - Gavin.Battarino@ontario.ca
(MoE Project Officer assigned to this file)


  • 2011-WR-2 - Transfer and Haulage of Municipal Non-Hazardous Waste and Green Bin Organics (Works) - February 2, 2011

  • 2011-J-15 - Durham/York EFW Project update (Durham Region) Joint Committee - February 3, 2011

  • **Motion on EFW EA to be presented at Council meeting - Monday, March 22, 2010
    by Councillors Novak and Robinson: click here

  • Updated EFW EA Timeline - January 25, 2010 

  • Updated EFW EA Budget costs - November 20, 2009 

  • Covanta Fact Sheet - Environmental and Labour Violations, documentation from UWUA - Oct 2009 

  • Covanta Company History and Profile (approved vendor for Durham incinerator facility)

  • Report # 2009-WR-12 - Clear Bag Pilot Project (Clarington and Pickering) - June 10/09

  • Regional Council - MINUTES - June 24/09

  • *Joint Waste Management Group Tuesday, June 22, 2009  - 10:00 am  Remaining Meetings CANCELLED
      May 26 JWMG meeting Minutes   Revised/Approved 2009 JWMG Meeting Schedule

  • Committee of the Whole    MINUTES - June 16/09

    • Report # 2009-COW-01  - EFW Risk Assessment and Environmental Surveillance (Medical Officer of Health Report,

    • Report # 2009-COW-02  - Host Community Agreement (Clarington/Durham Region agreement) - June 16

    • Report # 2009-COW-03 - Durham Region Committee of the Whole Report on approvals for the Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of a new Durham/York Energy from Waste Facility (RFP 604-2008); Project and Related Financing
            Durham-York MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) - June 2009

For more on incineration: 

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